The Warriors are young and fast. The Cavaliers are old and slow.

The Warriors move the ball. The Cavaliers iso the hell out of it.

The league is now taken over by millennials who want to play for the team and not necessarily need their own glory.

The Warriors will remain relevant. The Cavaliers if they stay the course…will lose.

Maybe it’s time for LeBron to play his GM card and force the issue.

Problem? They are already well over the cap and have given some pretty big contracts to J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson who have struck past midnight in this Cinderella story.

Maybe you can find some takers for them, but maybe go get the best big in the game?

The thought:

Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving


Anthony Davis & (re-signed) Jrue Holiday

Logic for Pelicans: You get a stud point guard and power forward who are both locked in for years to come, to pair with DeMarcus Cousins and create and interesting Big Easy Big 3.

Logic for Cavaliers: You pair the best power forward in the game with the best small forward in the game. You allow a large/defensive backcourt of Holiday/Shumpert. With J.R. Smith off the bench bringing the extra scoring you need.

Balance. Size. Defense. Shooting.

C Tristan Thompson

PF Anthony Davis

SF LeBron James

SG Iman Shumpert (J.R. Smith)

PG Jrue Holiday

Look at the spacing. The inside/outside scoring. The incredible rim protection. The ability to cover to the three point line. The Cavs alchemy goes from ISO to team play.

And if both teams say yes, this team wins. Cavaliers mash these Warriors.