Watching possibly the most entertaining/efficient brand of basketball ever being played by Golden State, we often forget that this was all allowed to happen because Kevin Durant, a player who could have gone anywhere, decided to be a Warrior.

Sure Klay Thompson complains that he doesn’t get all the shots he wants. Sure Draymond Green yells at a few players. Sure they don’t have a real starting center…but they are pretty damn good.


Imagine for a second that instead of agreeing to go to Oakland, Kevin Durant took his talents to San Antonio.

I know what you’re thinking, “but Phil they have a SF in Kawhi Leonard”. Yup, they do.


I invite you to think about where the league is going, and how good KD has looked playing Power Forward. We forget that the Spurs only signed Pau Gasol because they didn’t think they could get KD. Imagine if you will this lineup:

C – Dewayne Dedmon
PF – LaMarcus Aldridge
SF – Kevin Durant
SG – Kawhi Leonard
PG – Patty Mills

Sure they could run a bunch of other looks with KD at the 4 and Green playing the 2… All offence with Aldridge at Center…

The idea of playing Leonard at SG is not that far fetched considering we see him pick up PGs and SGs defensively all the time!

We look at KD in Golden State and they have to share shots, some egos were bruised…but it works.

Image KD & Kawhi. Honestly take a second and think of those two in a system that is made to pass the ball, full of shooters and secondary scorers.

Aldridge wouldn’t like to share? Trade him to a number of teams like the Raptors that would scoop him up.


I am a huge Kawhi Leonard fan, but I honestly believe he’s best suited as a “Robin” on offence considering all the defensive load he takes, and what better Batman to take away all that pressure than Kevin Durant.

Not to mention I don’t think KD would have taken half the flack he did for joining the team that beat OKC. Just a few things to ponder on Wednesday…