Well, the countdown is on to Trump’s America and the nightmarish swamp that beckons. Be warned, the NBA and all its glory will not go quietly into the night. So here’s another kind of countdown—a look back at my favorite non-russian hotel dimes of the week.

Honorable Mention: LeBron’s Mind

For all the gifts the King possesses, it may be his mind that is his greatest asset. “It’s my responsibility to know how my guys want the ball,” James said. “If they like it with no seams or with the seams. I know that might not make sense—some guys like it different ways. … I know guys who like it low or midsection. I know where everyone wants the ball, and I just try to put it there on time and on target. All they have to do is catch and fire.” … The man is probably more cerebral than most GMs in the league:

#3 Still Grindin’

We forget that the younger Gasol is one of the best passing bigs in NBA history. A small market and an off the radar persona will do that for you. Here Marc methodically lulls his opponent to sleep, while telepathically demanding Mike Conley to get his money bags in the corner. Watch how Gasol walks away after the pass, knowing he has an assist. Big Spain forever:

#2 Dios Mio

Speaking of Catalonians, Ricky Rubio has quietly been putting together a solid stretch of games in January, including a franchise-tying 17-dime performance over the Rockets. Now if he could just hit a few jumpers, we could quell those incessant trade rumors. Nonetheless, few humans have the cahones or craft to throw paella like this:

#1 La La Land:

He may have never won a ring, but CP3 sure can put on a good song and dance. With the Clippers’ ongoing injuries, they’ve rolled out five straight Ws, mostly due to the workload of their commander-in-chief. Here’s Paul improvising beautiful jazz off the pick and roll and feeding Brandon Bass. The second angle speaks for its beautiful self:


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