It’s that time of year when trade rumors delight, coaches get the pink slip, and Zaza Pachulia’s fanbase upsets the natural order of things. It’s cold outside, baby. Let’s kick off 2017 with a few oven fresh dimes:

Honourable Mention: He The North

Despite being the lifeblood of Canada’s only NBA franchise, Kyle Lowry has been cut no slack in the first round of All-Star voting. One of the East’s predominant players, Lowry has been fiercely leading the Raps for years despite his diminutive frame. Big man Jonas Valanciunas may be on the trading block (call it a whim) but this pick and roll shows the potential they’ve always had to unleash in Toronto:

#3 Leg Work

James Harden carries on his NBA MVP candidacy with this triumphant between-the-legs pass on the wing. I call this peculiar League Pass team “7 Rockets Or Less,” and the awkwardly clean shaven Mike D’Antoni has played his cards damn well:

#2 Spin Cycle

John Wall is up to his old tricks again, trying to get a few dimes in before Obama and democracy are cast out of the DC. Here he’s driving down the lane on the fastbreak, slows down, waits for his trailer, Otto Porter, to catch up. Then he threads the needle between two defenders on the bounce. The best part is the patented 360 spin Wall does after the delivery:

#1 Stung In The Beeswax

Marco Belinelli makes his first appearance on Press Pass with this savvy move to throw a ball off a defender’s backside to himself. Yes, himself. And to up the ante, Belinelli does this with the game on the line. What’s the Italian word for cahones? Marco hits a three-pointer off the glass to win the game, but ultimately the officiating crew waive off the basket and crush a few souls. Hornets get stung with the loss. It hurts. … But oh, what a dime:


Press Pass is a weekly Friday column of my favorite dimes from around the NBA. If I missed something or you have a nominee use hashtag #PressPass on Instagram or Twitter.