In March I found myself sitting in a cafe with my brother watching the NCAA Final Four, while our Mom sat beside us, nodding off to sleep, wanting her two kids to finish watching the game. We both looked at her and smiled. It was something that often happened in our childhood; she did her best as a single parent. Always did. The moment was all the more poignant because the three of us had not been in a room together in 9 years.

I’m stepping down as Editor In Chief at Press Basketball.

That moment along with my impending 40th birthday and other things have triggered major soul searching.

I realized that I’ve spent the last 15 years of evenings and weekends on passion projects like films, TV shows, sports radio, blogs, and most recently Press.

I’ll never get that time back.

More importantly, I deserve to be doing this work for pay.

I need to start investing time into things I have put on the back burner for long stretches of my life. Exercise. Family. Diet. Friends. Love. Travel. Sleep. Fun. And time for me to just…be.

I realized after I finished writing this recent piece on the end of Manu Ginobili’s career, that it was actually all about me.


I came to Press Basketball in February 2016 as one of the founding members; the old cowboy of the group who did my best to instill a culture of respect, creativity, and kindness. I brought in writers who I saw blossom before my eyes all season long. Its something I’m most proud of. This entire departure is oh so bitter sweet for me.

What will I do next?

I’m considering career opportunities in media and elsewhere, yet I’m grateful I have a solid day job as I decide my next move. This summer, I will begin writing my first novel, tentatively titled The Noose: How I Survived My Dad’s Suicide and Found My Way In Life. It will be equal parts self help, autobiography, and anecdotes on the roller coaster my life has been.

The great thing is that I will be leaving Press in really good hands.

Josh Howe will be taking over as Editor In Chief. He has my full blessings, respect, encouragement, and talent to thrive in the role. Josh and I are very much kindred spirits, with very similar tastes, style, and we even share the same birthday. He’s been a stalwart on our editorial team all season long, and the transition has already begun.

But really, it’s all about the team. Press, like the Spurs are built on the idea of togetherness and family. A there are a few people I very much have to thank from the last year and a half here:

John Gaudes for your endless work on editorial, and knocking out all those damn solid articles all season long.

Maddy Harris for calling my bullshit early in the season, and making me a much better editor.

Will Strickland for bringing your own unique voice.

Darren Andrade for all the wisdom.

Alan Shane Lewis for doing what you could, when you could.

Spencer Lund for stepping in and being a mentor when we needed it.

Josh Eberley for always supporting us, and always having my back.

James Holas for your extreme writing talent that I hope you continue to push.

Eric Fawcett for going out on a limb to write.

Avery Rajala for always making me chuckle with your heart and your words.

Justin Rowan for your friendship grinding out some tough Monday work with due diligence.

Andrew Miller for coming along for the ride.

Meaghan Marie for seizing and opportunity, your work ethic and hustle is tremendous.

Ilia Jivotov for giving us a home.

Charles Blouin-Gascon for the local blood.

Mike Masaya for lending a hand.

Nathan Powell for wrangling things that needed wrangling.

Tryan Servinis for creating a logo I wish cherish into perpetuity.

Daniel Rowell for throwing us some bedazzle.

Royce White for the encouragement and friendship.

Dwight Walton for the mentorship in an ocean full of sharks.

Ryan Antonio Henry for being a man of few words, but the blue-collar guy that quietly held everything together. Keep doing what you do, brother.

Andrew Hamilton for being the most solid human I know in Toronto. Nuff said.

Phil Boileau for being my basketball soul mate for the last 6 years. I’m gonna miss every moment with you.

This is a really family we have here, and I love these guys. It’s really hard to walk away from this thing we built together.

My involvement in Press next season is up in the air. I have a few things in development, and we’ll see. I’ll try and pop up on the radar every now and then. Nonetheless, I will always be there to support and cheer from afar.

A few last words.

Life is short. Do what you have a passion for. Tell someone you love them. Work on yourself. Go to the difficult corners of your soul. If you are afraid of taking a risk—it’s usually a risk worth taking.

Hire these people mentioned above—they all deserve jobs. Its criminal that we’re all doing this for free. This industry is a train wreck and we’re all shooting hoops in the dark hoping for miracles.

And finally, thank you to my Mom and Matthew.

You brought me to basketball, and I plan on spending much more time with both of you.

Much love as always,

Marc Griffin

Co-Founder and Former Editor In Chief, Press Basketball.