Well, I’m still shell shocked from the US election, so our dimes are politically charged in this hour of need.

Honorable Mention: PUREHOOP

One of my favorite graphic designers is Jack Perkins of PUREHOOP. The man paid beautiful tribute to the Obamas on Monday night at the twilight of Barack’s presidency. … End of an era.


#3 The Spanish Inquisition

Sergio Rodriguez, known in basketball circles for his hipster beard and Mediterranean craftiness, left Real Madrid to return to the land of opportunity. Rodriguez now plays in Philadelphia where the forefathers gathered, the constitution was signed, and the Liberty Bell rings with pride. Yet somehow, some way, the state of Pennsylvania went to Donald Trump, despite this ridiculous dime:

#2 Johnnie Walker Red

North Carolina is yet another state that went red instead of teal. The Hornets have been a feel good story of this early NBA season, and Kemba Walker’s no-look, behind-the-back artistry deserves some shine:

#1 The Great State Of Ohio:

Despite LeBron James and JR Smith campaigning for Hillary, this battleground state likewise landed in the rouge. But let’s focus on the positive here. Teamwork is gonna help us climb out of this muck—as in Kevin Love getting a steal on his knees and throwing a 50–foot outlet pass for the hockey assist, with Uncle Drew then tucking the ball between his legs to the King for the easy bucket.


Tough week; I’m glad the Cavs got to visit a real commander-in-chief.


Press Pass is a weekly Friday column of my favorite dimes from around the NBA. If I missed something or you have a nominee use hashtag #PressPass on Instagram or Twitter.