Call me old fashioned, but I like a good assist as much as a good bucket. Press Pass is a weekly column on dishes from around The Association. Here’s this week’s top three.

Honorable Mention: Manu Being Manu.

Forever in the shadow of Timmy, not enough has been said about the poetic brilliance of the Argentinian. Manu has the rare vision, creativity, and courage to throw a ball where he wants his teammate to go, rather than where the man currently is.

On this play, Ginobili casually gets an inbounds pass, and with the flick of the wrist lobs a 60-foot pass over four opponents to a streaking Patty Mills. The shot was missed, but the continuity of the Spurs’ second unit remains intact. I love the chaotic alchemy of this:


#3 – D’Angelo Hustle

The sophomore has put down the surveillance equipment, and has shown flashes early without Kobe around. Russell was 0–7 from field in this game before making this Nash-ian pass behind his opponent’s back. Showtime! may indeed still be alive:


#2 – Lance Can Still Dance

Lest we forget that 2.5 years ago Lance was second in the NBA in triple-doubles. It speaks volumes to how Larry Bird and Frank Vogel were able to channel that volcano. Today Stephenson stands as a cautionary tale, but sparks are still there. I mean, this guy is the leading scorer in New York State High School basketball history. It’s weird seeing him in New Orleans, his fourth squad in four years. But damn, this pass is delicious:


#1 – He’s The King

LeBron at age 31 is taking his passing game to the next stratosphere. I envision him evolving into a thirty-something Magic Johnson low post nightmare. And it’s slowly coming to fruition. On this play, Tristan Thompson sets a pick on Mike Dunleavy and LeBron lasers a bounce pass to the corner. It’s a set play by the Cavs and it required equal measures of timing, instinct, and faith in your teammate. The Spurs used this same set last year with Boris Diaw and Patty Mills flaring to the corner. It’s beautiful. And it’s my dime of the week:


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