It’s been said that “When one door closes another opens.”

Things start and they eventually conclude.

Alpha and Omega… The entire Greek alphabet, translated A to O.

Does that mean we have a lot of words out here that mean nothing?

Things made up to skew perceptions in the face of reality?

I won’t bloviate. Let’s get down to it.

Training camps…  I’ve been through several… Cut from professional basketball team rosters more than once. I globe trotted, but not with the Globetrotters. I had a child. No more globetrotting. Stuck my toes ten deep above the 49th Parallel and began scratching out new chapters in my destiny. Worked at an ad agency… Started two companies… Almost managed Drake… became a television and radio broadcast journalist in Canada not just because I was good at it, but because I knew my rights about owning my image.

In eliminating profligate entities who know or care not for the world’s most beautiful game from the circumference, I examined questionable relationships. I confirmed things I already knew, weighed the assessments then let them go. You learn to realize all the experience in the world means nothing if you don’t apply it properly.  My Dear Ol’ Dad (Bless The Dead) learned me proper.

The Past is called just that for a reason.

New Beginnings.

I study everything.

From evolving stories, trade deadline possibilities and permutation, waiver wire pickups and doing my best to stay away from conjecture like Klay Alexander Thompson being traded from the greatest 73-9 team to ever play and blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, I study.

Who really believes what Brian Scalabrine says anyway?

It’s time to plan my work so I can work my plan as we go into the fourth week of an already amazingly intriguing NBA season. Got my eye on the opening of what looks to be an exciting college basketball campaign that seemingly will end with some combination of Duke and Kentucky as Usual Suspects, unless Frank Mason III and Kansas have something to say about it. They will all be seeking “One Shining Moment” in the Valley of the Sun early April 2017.

Meaning absolutely no disrespect to the women’s game, but it feels like Luigi Auriemma and his Lady Huskies, currently on a 76-game losing strike, already have a record 12th title on lock.

But plans are what we make when Life is happening.

And a lifetime in hoops at every level allows me to continue sharpening my perspicacity on All Things Basketball.

Could James Harden actually be the best player in the NBA right now, especially in the same Mike D’Antoni system that garnered Captain Canuck Steve Nash back-to-back MVPs?  What is the shelf life on the beautifully violent game of Russell Westbrook? Is this the year the Clippers finally get it all together, not just because of a healthy Blake Griffin, but by playing sterling defence?  We know the Spurs gon’ Spur as long as Pop and Kawhi 5-0 are in the mix and The King stay The King in Cleveland, but who in the East not named the Toronto Raptors can legitimately take aim and shoot at the throne?

Amidst a long 82-game season, these questions will be answered by the teams and players and I’ll pontificate ad nauseum about my premonitions, both as a fan and as a scribe, documenting the who’s, what’s, where’s, why’s and how’s while offering bars from my thinktank.

I’ve been blessed to express myself not only as a player, but also a content creator, developer x curator in the sport.

Since my playing days are now spent more in taking the lunch money of those too flagrant to recognize that I still got game, it’s time to #ProveEm again like the NBA’s current leading scorer and Mid-Range Game Murderer, DeMar Darnell DeRozan, on this side of the rock.  

There is little to prove when your performance speaks, but sometimes, all balls don’t bounce.

In another Life, I learned that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

No need to guess on who will finish strong.

The Beginning and The End.

There’s a reason why the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield: Looking back isn’t necessarily gonna give you the bigger picture.

I’m here to give you the large picture on basketball, parsing it one critical thought and subtle nuance at a time.

When one door closes, another opens… But only if you open it.

Salute to my new poss—pardon me, Phil Jackson… team, Press Basketball.

Veterans and young stars alike; Professionals all, who stay #QuillGameHeavy.

Pick your squad.

I got mine.

Welcome to The Open Run!