I am thrilled to announce that Timeout with Ti is now a part of Press Basketball! As I mention near the end of this episode of TWT, the ways in which you access the podcast will not change/go away—this change will serve to expand the show’s reach and audience while being sure to take into account that a dedicated following already exists and will not make them jump through hoops to continue listening to Timeout with Ti.

I figured Timeout with Ti would be a standalone podcast for the foreseeable future, until Josh Howe reached out to me and filled me in on what he and the crew at Press Basketball are doing. Press is the San Antonio Spurs of NBA sites: It’s all about team more than anything else. After talking further with Josh and several other Press people, I was confident this was the right move for the podcast right now, and am thrilled to move forward working closely with Press.

Now, about this episode, another thing I’m thrilled about. Nekias Duncan, who is a great tweeter and a noted fan of the NBA 2K series, joined TWT to talk about what we like and dislike about 2K, and the biggest changes we think need to be made. We also touched on NBA Live 18, which Nekias says he is buying after really enjoying the demo that recently came out.

It’s a really fun podcast, and like I mention in my always-too-long outro, I’m a little shocked Nekias and I had never done one before. Follow him on Twitter, and while you’re there feel free to throw me a follow as well.

TWT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TimeoutwithTi/
Press Basketball Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Pressbasketball/