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Episode 5 – We Need Reinforcements



Phil Boileau @sportingphil and James Holas @JHolasHoops team up for Episode 5 of the Away Team podcast.

This week’s gameplan:

First Half:

Rudy Gay: Should he be traded to the Oklahoma City thunder?

Jru Holiday: Is He enough to help Anthony Davis reach the playoffs?

Russell Westbrook: Is he the nest Kobe Bryant? and is that a good thing?

Andrew Wiggins vs Jabari Parker: Who has been and will be the better prospect?

Second Half:

Twitter Fan Questions:

@CT101st:  You think the league will ever like ever ever shift back to the big man as centerpiece?

‏@TomWestNBA: Can the Timberwolves make the 8 seed or will they still be too young, inexperienced, bad at 3rd quarters etc?

‏@RonSchweinlach: Is Luc Richard going to be starting for the Clippers come playoff time?

@Porzindieu: Will the Knicks ever figure it out or will we trade Zingis?

‏@francisadujr: What’s more important for a lead guard in general: passing ability or scoring ability?

@CarterLandis3: ….are….are the hawks for real?

@XQuartezCooper: Despite having the best record in the league, can Clippers realistically beat GSW in the postseason?

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Featured The Away Team

The Away Team – Episode 25 – NBA Playoffs: Round 1 – FIGHT!



With James Holas out as a healthy scratch, Sporting Phil picks up the slack and goes solo with the first round breakdown in the NBA Playoffs.

Phil dives in to both East and West Playoff Brackets:
Milwaukee Bucks vs Raptors
Indiana Pacers vs Cleveland Cavaliers
Atlanta Hawks vs Washington Wizards
Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers
Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs
Portland Trailblazers vs Golden State Warriors

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Featured The Away Team

The Away Team – Episode 24 – Returning To Battle



On this week’s episode James and Phil are joined by’s very own Josh Howe.

On the podcast checklist:

KD. Lowry. Tristan and more coming back and what they mean to their teams.
All intangible team: Bruce Bowen types. Those guys who make a championship contender.
All Instigator team: Matt Barnes type you want on your team but hate to play against.

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Featured The Away Team

The Away Team – Episode 23 – Beyond LeBron



In our latest installment of the dysfunctional duo that is Phil & James – We look into:

Tracy McGrady is in the HOF….Derrick Rose just blew out his knee (again) but has an MVP…will he make it?

Lebron James has been the unquestioned best player in the NBA (even if the MVPs don’t agree) for around 13 years now….what player under 25 years old has the best chance to take his place?


Let the hosts know thoughts on twitter at @sportingphil and @snottiedrippen


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