Phil Boileau (@sportingphil) and James Holas (@JHolasHoops) dive into the fan mailbag and answer the questions sent in by you!

1st Half

NBA News:

  • Magic Johnson to be advisor to Jeanie?
  • Plumlee traded for Hibbert and Hawes
  • Wilson Chandler seeks trade?
  • Embiid + Chriss Rookies of the Month

Fan Questions:

Trey Rodriguez@TreyPOV  Jan 31


@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil Didn’t Chuck just say what we’ve all been saying for the last few years (or what some have been scared to say)?

Jason@snap_shooters  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil Is Chuck really a “Hater” of LBJ, or is he being critical?

Esteban@SMosley21  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil who is the most unicorny unicorn between Zinger and Myles? #AwayTeamPod

A Tired Black Man@francisadujr  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil Do you think Isaiah Thomas has built too much goodwill w Boston fans for Ainge to cut ties with him? #AwayTeamPod

2nd Half

More Fan Questions and Jame’s NBA shout outs!

Jòn@JLspruill  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil what’s the best way for Phoenix to continue building their core? Slash & burn or trust the process?

ShesforOKC@shesforOKC  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil what are your thoughts on Mario Chalmers joining the Cavs as back up PG?

@QGotNoRings  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil who should Embiid invite to his HOF speech after he wins 7 rings and 6 DPOTY awards?

Nate@NAT3004  Jan 26

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil what’s your prediction for who comes away with the 8th seed in the west? Which of those teams better off tanking?

Quavo Huh?ncho@AyeTeach  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops who makes more this offseason, Miles or Roberson?

Joe Betz@Joe_Betz_  Jan 31

@JHolasHoops @SportingPhil PG13 is killing it. Do the Pacers continue to play well and climb into the top 4, or stay in the bottom 4?

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