News travels fast in the social media world. Even faster when a big time talent like Atlanta’s Paul Millsap says he will opt out of his contact and become an unrestricted free agent.

This story may come under the radar with the NBA Conference Finals afoot, but nonetheless this is something that could rock the balance come next year.

Imagine if you would, how Paul Millsap’s landing spot could affect the NBA world.

Cleveland: All the the good of Kevin Love with defense. This one is a no brainer and you could probably trade Love for amazing supporting players and picks.

Spurs: Next to Leonard would make for one of the most dynamic frontcourts in the league and the steady second scorer that LaMarcus Aldridge is not providing.

Toronto: Imagine Jonas Valanciunas being traded, Lowy not signed and having a BIG 3 of DeMar DeRozan, Serge Ibaka and Paul Millsap. Not bad at all ladies and gents.

Houston: Give Harden that second star and they could even send Ryan Anderson back in a sort of win win for both HOU and ATL.

Denver: Next to the kids, mainly Jokic, he could provide the veteran presence they require to make the next step.

Portland: Same argument as Denver but much farther along (would take some interesting salary dumps though)

OKC: This one is the game changer as I think he and Westbrook would be ideal, and again sending Kanter back to ATL would be win win.

Boston: Imagine the Celtics do NOT sign the little engine that could, pick Fultz #1 and sign Millsap to be reunited with Horford?

Bucks: This one is a personal favorite as I think it allows them to contend right away and stay young enough to not care about paying a 29 year old max money.

There are so many options but in the end a player like Paul ticks most of the boxes you could want for a modern big and best of all he’s ready to win now.

Where do you see him landing?