Andrew Hamilton

Director of Operations

Father, Director, and Creative Mad Man. Andrew is accustomed to wearing many hats, but the Toronto-based creative lives for just that, creating. His love for film, music, and literature is slightly unhealthy, and he really enjoys long walks on the beach.

Joshua Howe


Joshua is an editor and writer at Press Basketball. He received his Bachelor of Arts in honours English, with a minor in Film Studies, at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo. He is also a graduate of Centennial College’s Publishing program at their Story Arts Centre in Toronto. He loves words with a passion and is always writing. Joshua is a published author, poet, and sportswriter.

Ryan Henry

Content Curator / Host / Co-Founder

Ryan Henry is a Radio Broadcasting graduate from Seneca College. Born and raised in Toronto. Ryan grew up in the era of "Mr. Half-man/Half-amazing", Vince Carter, and remained a fan of the game ever since. He has worked for CBC Radio, TSN Radio where he produced and edited basketball podcast “1 On 1 with Will and Duane” and was the co-founder of Basketball Blog and Video podcast “Below The Hardwood”. Occasionally will profess his love for the Dallas Mavericks and their 7 foot legend Dirk Nowitzki.

Phil Boileau

Podcast Manager / Host / Co-Founder

Phil is the tall guy who ended up talking circles around the game better than dribbling circles around players. He has odd fascinations with the NBA Draft, trade deadlines, arm length, and how a team is built. Phil brings energy, passion and laughs to every conversation; catch him weekly on The Away Team podcast.

Tryan Servinis

Chief Creative Officer

Tryan is a Graphic Designer born & raised in Toronto. His early love for sketching & creating led him into design. Tryan studied at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver where he discovered his passion for digital art. These days his focus is graphic design & filmmaking.

John Gaudes

Editor / Writer

John is a sports writer hailing from the flat part of Canada. He's an editor and podcast host at SB Nation's Raptors HQ, with other sports work published in The Classical. As a freelance reporter, he's covered sports at every level in Winnipeg: from the NHL's Jets and CFL's Blue Bombers, to CIS basketball and hockey at both major universities. In his spare time, John writes too seriously about music and posts good-to-okay photography on Instagram.

Marc Griffin


Marc is a Montreal-based writer and filmmaker. His work has appeared on, Sole Shift Magazine, and Sportsnet. Marc is co-founder of Hoops Lounge, the oldest weekly basketball show in Canada. He was the only Canadian media covering the FIBA World Cup in Spain. Marc enjoys travel, indie films, Pistol Pete montages, and always believing in Kawhi Leonard.

Ilia Jivotov

Chief Web Officer

Ilia was born in Ukraine and moved to Toronto when he was three. Nerd at heart and jock on the court; he had scholarship offers for volleyball, basketball, and tennis. His love for the game made him choose basketball, where he played at the collegiate level for several years. Ilia also has a passion for video games, and will dismantle anyone in NBA 2k: challengers welcome.

Andrew Miller

Social Media Manager

As a huge fan of basketball, and most importantly the NBA, Andrew Miller lives and breathes basketball. Graduating from the Marketing program at the University of the West of Scotland, Andrew has taken his love for basketball and talent as a wordsmith, and melded himself into basketball writing virtuoso.

Madelyn Harris


Maddy is a Canadian sports media student who does not like the Raptors. Growing up in a hockey family, she decided to be rebellious and play basketball. She lives in Toronto and considers herself the defensive specialist of her pick-up league. When not writing, she does colour commentary for the Ryerson University women's team.