Madelyn Harris

No Country | Chris Bosh’s Slow Fade From the NBA Conscience

Raptors fans have been through it all with their first love Vince Carter, and eventually gave their hearts to Chris Bosh. It was a complicated relationship even mores to see his success soon afterwards with Miami. And the shocking revelation of his early retirement. Its a career that weighs quietly on basketball fans in the great white north.

The Business of Basketball

It’s October 13th, and the Golden State Warriors are preparing for a matchup with the Denver Nuggets. Notoriously outspoken forward Draymond Green is talking to...

Madelyn Harris


Maddy is a Canadian sports media student who does not like the Raptors. Growing up in a hockey family, she decided to be rebellious and play basketball. She lives in Toronto and considers herself the defensive specialist of her pick-up league. When not writing, she does colour commentary for the Ryerson University women's team.