John Gaudes

The Nuggets Get It

The eighth seed in the NBA is a dead end game, especially in the Western Conference. Shooting for it means you’re out of the draft lottery, losing any hope of m...

Rowan’s Rankings | NBA Week 12

Our fearless ranker-in-chief Justin Rowan is on injured reserve, so I’m stepping in to mess with his steez. It’s Week 12 in the NBA, and after 7 days of surpris...

The NBA in Trump’s America

It’s been a month already. Can you believe it? On November 8, we were crowded around our TV sets, collectively trying to make sense out of what was happening. ...

John Gaudes

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John is a sports writer hailing from the flat part of Canada. He's an editor and podcast host at SB Nation's Raptors HQ, with other sports work published in The Classical. As a freelance reporter, he's covered sports at every level in Winnipeg: from the NHL's Jets and CFL's Blue Bombers, to CIS basketball and hockey at both major universities. In his spare time, John writes too seriously about music and posts good-to-okay photography on Instagram.