We come from different cities. Different countries. Different cultures. Yet there is one thing we all share in common: an orange leather ball and an iron hoop.

The world we live in is full of hot takes, sound bites, 24-hour news tickers, and viral pet videos. Disappearing are the days of informative, intelligent conversations, investigative journalism, and long form storytelling.

Press Basketball is here for you; we’re a modern news organization that blends the traditions of old fashioned journalism, and the digital age we all breathe today.

Old School. New Media.

Press was conceptualized by Andrew Hamilton in January 2016 and led to the union of Hoops Lounge and Below The Hardwood into a singular force, and the arrival of journalists from across North America.

The name Press was selected for three reasons.

It’s homage to old newspaper printing presses; to smoke filled press boxes at ball games, and the men (and occasionally women) who filled them.

It alludes to press defense, a tactic where defenders swarm their opponents full court. It catches you off guard, and makes you pay the price.

And finally, the name is a nod to Press Maravich, the father/coach of Pistol Pete. A man whose legacy is lost in the hardwood shuffle; Press was a pioneer of fastbreak entertaining basketball. He coined the term Showtime later passed on to Magic Johnson.

Our team at Press is as eclectic as they come, brimming with Canadians and a few American allies:

• James Holas and Phil Boileau debate on their salty, cerebral podcast The Away Team.

• Maddy Harris and Ahmed Karrar digging deep long form on hoop culture.

• Eric Fawcett writing on NCAA ball from a Canadian eye.

• John Gaudes giving a much needed analytical approach. Joshua Howe waxing poetic on NBA personalities.

• Darren Andrade’s sleuth work on investigative journalism series Below The Hardwood.

• Justin Rowan, Mike Masaya, and Avery Ravala’s wicked and weird takes on our social media machines.

• Ryan Henry and I conversing with guests around the globe on Hoops Lounge.

• Behind the scenes crew like Chief Creative Officer Tryan Servinis, Producer Nathan Powell, and Web Developer Ilia Jivotov.

• And contributions from great basketball minds like Josh Eberley.

So take a look around. Subscribe. Tell your friends.

Welcome to Press Basketball.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Marc Griffin

Editor In Chief